10 tips to grow your profile on Instagram

Grow Instagram Profile

Instagram is the latest and most used form of communication and has become the most famous social media application over the years. There are very less people that do not have the Instagram app on their smart phones and Instagram gained a lot of popularity in a very short time frame. Instagram is used to various purposes like entertainment, business, promotions; artist page etc. people are always looking to increase their follower growth on Face book so that they can brag about it in front of the friends. Here are 10 tips to grow your profile on Instagram that can really help in promoting the personal and business account on Instagram. Although it I against the terms and conditions of Instagram to do business on Instagram, there are many ways that can be leveraged to work on promoting the business through a personal account.

Buy Instagram FollowersTips to grow Instagram Profile:

  • Connect with other page managers: This is a very good tactic to connect with other page managers and ask them help in doing the promotions of your business and in turn do it for them on your own page.
  • Share original Content: Sharing quality content and original content on the Instagram account proves to be very beneficial for promotions. Stealing someone’s rights gives a very bad image on your profile and also makes you lose whatever trust that was gained before. Sharing someone else’s content is not a good way to go about promoting business because it shows unoriginality and non productivity.
  • Tag page from personal profile: It is better to have two accounts n Instagram, one personal and one business account so that personal life does not mix with the business but also make sure to promote the business account through the personal one so that your friends can recommend it to other people.
  • Link your profile to page: always make sure that the personal profile is linked to the business page so that it is easier to find the business page from the personal account and vice versa if anyone wants to contact the owner.
  • Add Instagram in Email Signature: while doing business through emails, always add the Instagram profile as the signature so that people can link it to your business and can recommend it to other people through the Instagram profile.
  • Comment on other pages thoroughly: this is a great way to make your page prominent and comment on other pages and reply to any question that can be answered.
  • Run a contest: run repetitive contests throughout the year so that people are attracted towards it.
  • Advertise on Instagram: always advertise the business page on Instagram because people are most likely to see it on the side of their home page.
  • Add a like box to website: add a like box for Instagram to the official website so that people can know that there is also a Instagram page for the business.

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