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How to get to Zug, Moroccan Sahara?

Sahara Morocco

When you are first traveling to Morocco you are unsure about traveling to Zug, Moroccan Sahara. If you have a 4 x 4 vehicle and you think it will work then it is not so. You will be worried about the traveling conditions. It is also very difficult to choose the right route. There are mainly two routes. One is in the south from Fes and the second is east from Marrakech. If you have traveled Morocco many times then you can choose both routes.

An organized tour to Zug, Moroccan Sahara

These are many travelers and visitors that take a trip to Zug, Moroccan Sahara as an organized trip to the desert with a professional guide from Marrakech. The purpose of taking a guide with you is that you are not familiar with the way to get into Sahara desert and also you do it for your convenience. The average cost of traveling to Zug for one person is about 60 pounds for 2 days and one night. It is definitely very expensive. The most part of the traveling is on the vehicle and you have to see many amazing places on your way to Zug. At this cost, it is very unreasonable to spend most of the days and you need a lot of money. But you can not miss the scenes of dunes in Zug. The most impressive dunes are present in Zug and nowhere else.

Reaching Zug through Self Drive

You can travel in your own vehicle but choose it only if you don’t have any other option. Sometimes tourist rents a vehicle from a very reputable company along with a driver. Taking your own car can be risky as you have to equip yourself with each and every necessary item that you can need during your journey to Zug. Once you are in Sahara desert you will see that there are a number of people that are traveling to Zug. You will find luxury rides like Campervans and Fiat Punto. You can also find many 4 x 4 vehicles to travel between sand dunes. You can also park your vehicle and take a walk in Zug between the sand dunes. The Sahara desert is just your back garden and your accommodation is between these sand dunes.

Taking a Public Ride to Sahara

Have you ever heard about taking a public ride to Sahara desert? Laughing? Don’t do so because it is true. The dessert in Morocco is the most accessible place than anything else. If you have a very tight vacation program and you also have a limited budget then the god news for you is that Supratour Bus leaves Marrakech at sharp 8:30 am every day. Although traveling through a public bus means you will reach the destination slowly but it is a very better and safe idea. You will fully enjoy your journey after riding in these public buses. No doubt in a limited budget it will be a great experience for you and you will never forget this journey ever.