The Social Media Helped The Skydiver To Collect $50000 For Treatment

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People talk much about the Social Media. Everyone has his opinion about the role of Social Media sites in our lives. Some people think that it is nothing but a waste of time. You may become addicted to the Social Media and waste your precious hours in just uploading the status or tagging your friend in a post. The companies Buy Instagram Followers and people make online friends. But for many people, it is the giant platform that has helped them change their lives. Today we will discuss the story of a skydiver who needed money for his injuries and how Social Media helped him to collect that money.

The life-threatening injuries:

The Social Media is a great platform that helps the Business to achieve their marketing goals. The companies Buy Active Instagram Followers to promote their products. Besides the use of Social Media platforms in developing the Businesses, it has also helped people in their personal lives. It allows us to stay connected to each other. Sometimes even the strangers on Social Media do the extraordinary things for us.

A man named Ben Cornick was working as a skydiving instructor in Fiji. He was 31 years old. One day he jumped from 12000 feet to fly, but unfortunately, he bumped into a parked van and injured himself. In fact, he got the life-threatening injuries, and he was in dangerous condition. His elbow broke into pieces, and his femur cracked in three places. Generally, if the skydiving instructors get injuries, they can get the insurance cover. But unfortunately, when this incident happened to the Ben he was not on duty. He was using his own equipment, so he was not able to get the insurance money.

What did doctors say?

He was in the severely injured, and the Doctors in Fiji said they do not have the needed equipment to perform the surgery. They suggested him to go to the New Zealand, but the problem was he did not have enough money to go there. The Doctors said if he does not get the treatment on time he can develop an infection in his legs and then they will have to amputate.

Did he get the treatment or not?

His cousin started a page on Facebook to collect enough money to go to the New Zealand for treatment. The best part is that he succeeded to raise $50000 on Facebook for Ben’s surgery. Well, the people who provided money for Ben’s treatment were all the self-less strangers, but they did it for humanity. So it proves that the Social Media has its pros as well. The thing is we need to educate people to use the powerful Social Media platforms positively.

The fantastic role of Social Media:

The story we have stated above shows that we can positively use the Social Media platforms. Also, we can use this giant platform to promote Business. Buy Active Instagram Followers and start your campaign to increase sales and earn profits. But do it smartly and beware of the scammers.

Sami ZAYN become the most outrageous WWE superstar?

Sami ZAYN wwe

Has Sami ZAYN become the most outrageous NXT superstar in the company?

Description: want to know about has Sami ZAYN become the most outrageous NXT superstar in the company? Here you will find all the relevant information to your doubts and queries about him.


Sami ZAYN was born on July 12, 1984 and made his wrestling debut in 2002. He is a professional wrestler and currently signed with the WWE to perform in their developmental territory program NXT. He is a wrestler who has shown true potential in the ring and one of the many reasons to watch NXT shows. Sami has been in many amazing feuds with Kevin Owens, Neville, and many more. As a rookie he has prove he is worthy of participating in the big matches. Many of the past WWE legends have said that he is the perfect future for the pro wrestling. He has certainly got the wrestling and mike skills and who can ever forgot his first appearance on the RAW show against John CENA and steal the show with his high flying moves. From that moment we get to see how great this young man is and has the capabilities of becoming the part of the main roster in future.

Sami ZAYN wwe


·         What he has accomplished in his career?

1) He is a onetime NXT heavyweight champion

2) Five times tag team champion at (ROH)

3) KO open weight champion in (Japan)

4) Competed in 2016 royal rumble match (WWE watch wrestling)

·         How was his early career in the independent circuits?

Sami ZYAN has participated in so many great wrestling organizations and the interesting thing was that he used to wear a mask at that time adapting with different name. From where his wrestling skills got more polish and he began to promote the brand all over the world and eventually got signed with the pro wrestling.

·         Will he be ever part of the main roster in coming years?

He just had one match against John CENA and since then the crown is eager is ever to see him becoming the regular and weekly entertainer like others. It looks like he will certainly become the part of the main roster after leaving NXT in coming years.

·         Why fans loved him so much?

Since his first television appearance he has got the fans support all over the world specially who watch wwe online. Fans definitely see him as the true next generation superstar and his fan following is growing in so many ways.

·         What future plans company has for him?

Presently, the company is booking him for a match at wrestle mania 32 against his bitter nemesis Kevin Owens. Let’s hope we get to see an amazing match from both of them. Watch Upcoming Wrestlemania 2018 Matches on WWE Network live stream 24/7.